SYTYC Week 2- Kids Can Do

Kids Can Do Season 18 Week 2 Header

I literally have no experience with boys.  I get nervous and a my anxiety goes way up when I am around them. Help! We had an early Christmas get together with Mr. Main’s side of the family, like really early, it’s October. My sister in law, who lives out of state is due to have…

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Woodsy Fall Centerpiece

fall+centerpiece+with+burlap+ribbon 19

Sometimes you decide to put yourself out there. It is scary. But, what I have discovered is that in one way or another you grow or learn something when you are in that uncomfortable situation. This little blog of mine has been a big part of putting myself out there.  Sometimes I hit publish and…

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Copper Wire Photo Display

copper+wire+photo+holder+on+a+picture+frame 5

When was the last time you printed a picture? What I mean is… When was the last time you went to your local photo shop or even online store and actually got a picture printed? I am notorious for always having a phone full of pictures.  For example, a couple of months ago I had…

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My Top 9 First Trimester Must-Havs

first trimester must havs

Hello everyone! I know that probably a lot of you are not pregnant right now, but I bet you know someone who is! Please consider sharing this with anyone who might benefit, I have shared some amazing products that literally changed my life. I thought it would be fun to share with you guys a…

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Barn Wood Serving Tray

barn+wood+serving+tray+with+haredware 18

A couple of weeks ago I had an AHA moment.  I pulled up all the rugs in the house, rolled them up and stashed them behind the couch, in the garage, and pretty much any where I could find a place. What a weird thing to do! Yes, yes, I know.  My AHA moment was…

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I Have Another Secret To Share

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 7.27.38 AM

I have been talking so much lately about IVF and our infertility journey. It has been on the forefront of my mind for the past couple of months which is  why I have been talking so much about it. I have to admit, I have another secret to share, another part about me that I…

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