Tuesday, May 26

Spring Bookshelf

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I finally did it...

with a lot of convincing.....

a lot of pleading.....

and pretty much just saying to Mr. Main "This is what I am going to do......"

I painted our red spaghetti sauce brick white!!! 

I cannot even tell you how much more open and bright this room feels.  I plan on doing an entire reveal soon.  Let me first show you the shelves though.  

If you remember way back in the day......

When I got featured at Apartment Therapy....say what.....!! It was right after after I started blogging and I felt like wow! This is so cool! 

Sunday, May 24

Bewitchin' Projects Block Party (45)

Welcome back to another awesome link party.  We have joined forces with some really great bloggers to bring you an awesome link party.  From this week on you will be featured on 8 blogs! So many more people will see your awesomeness and this party is going to rock!
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Now on to the "Bewitchin' Projects Block Party"

So, What have YOU been up to last week?

Friday, May 22

Eclectic Big Girl Room

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We have lived in our house for just over two years.....

I have said time and time again that I thought that we would be further along in our remodeling process. but alas, everything takes so much longer than you think.....especially when you live in it and try to remodel at the same time...

I think back when we did our kitchen remodel....we were not living here and it got done so fast.... Maybe we just need to move out for a couple months...haha jk

None of the bedrooms have really been touched yet....other than getting a fresh coat of paint and carpet.

I still have Miss A's newborn pics up on the wall in her room...

I was looking at them the other day, smiling, remembering how small she was.  She came out through c-section with her head all cone shaped..... She was the best baby ever..... I think I was blessed because it took us so long to get her here.  You can read our infertility journey to get more info about that!

It was at that moment that I decided I was going to makeover her room....
This is pretty much how I decide on my next projects....I am right in the middle of about 5 other things,  I drop everything and jump in.

I have been scouring Pinterest to see what style, decor, and overall feeling I wanted to have in her room.  I will share with you guys the before pictures soon. For now I want to show you some of the rooms that I have come across that I think will help me figure out what to do in her room!!

Thursday, May 21

Fathers Day Gift That Dad really Wants!

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I don't know about you but sometimes my guy is hard to shop for. His wish list includes a lot of  large items that aren't always in the budget.  

With fathers day just around the corner I am sharing this cool gift ideas for all the guys in your life.  Come see this fathers day gift idea that dad really wants to get!! 

When All You Can Do Is Cry.....

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In June 2010 my hubby, Mr. Main and I found out that we have infertility issues.... It came as a huge shock to both of us.... Literally we were blown away. It see the first post in this series head over to read about our infertility journey.

Over the next couple of years we went in and out of pursuing treatments but really we weren't that serious about it.  It was not that we didn't want to have a baby, it was more because the reality of our situation needed time to sink in.  Plus, we were not in a position financially to take on that kind of burden.

On that June summer day, the day we found out why we weren't getting pregnant something inside me clicked....

We were living in a place where there were many many couples our age..... most of them living lives similar to ours, school and work.  One thing that they had that we didn't was children......

I longed for kids.  It was so hard for me to see others with babies.... it sort of made me mad... I hate to say that, but it's true.

I was upset that others could find happiness and I could not..... I was throwing a selfish pity party....

On that day something clicked....

Tuesday, May 19

Colorful Chalkboard Calendar

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I love it when I have an idea for a project and it actually works out! I cannot tell you how many fails I have had!! 

I just had a doozy they other day!! 

I am kind of a sucker for bight colors.... you might think this is weird because my house has a ton of neutral tones.  I think I have held back the reigns on decorating my house with a lot of color because I am worried it will clash or not look good.....

Also, I think that my style is starting to change.... has anyone else discovered this...?  I personally think that its a good thing to be able to change and grow.  As we grow and our lives change it only seems logical that our interests and styles can change....

I hope that I can start to be more brave in decorating with colors!!! 

I am such a visual person so being able to see the date with any notes has been a huge plus.  Here is how you can make one of these colorful chalkboard calendars for yourself!!