Friday, November 28

Rustic Christmas Mantel 2014

 Happy day everyone!! 

Did I ever tell you that my house actually has two mantels..... that's right two.  
Our house has had multiple additions.  I don't even know how many.  I just know that whenever I go up into the attic, which I try not to do very often,  I have to pass through multiple walls which indicates multiple additions. 

I did not decorate this mantel for fall this year, the one that I did decorate is more in the center of the house.  It's a natural gas fireplace.  Right now that is what we use to heat our house, which is a story is for another day.  Luckily where we live we don't have to deal with really really cold weather.

The other fireplace, the one I will show you today, is an old wood burning stove with a loud blower.  This fireplace is at the very end of the house.  We have used it a handful of times.  It's not efficient at all, we need to get something else over there.  

I am not a fan of this existing mantle and so that will be changed out in the future.  For now I try to work with it.  

Last year was our first Christmas here and I only decorated the white mantle.  But I wasn't blogging yet so there aren't any pictures.  This year however, I decided to decorate both.  So there will be a few mantel posts coming.  

Even if you don't have a mantel....

 I have seen people decorate the top of their pianos, dressers, console table or even an entertainment center.  Really, any long flat surface can be decorated like a mantle.  

Sit back for a minute and let me show you around my rustic mantle.

 I knew from the beginning that I wanted this mantle to have a simple look.  This room can get kind of visually busy. My command center is in here plus there is the bookshelf.  I am also working on a gallery wall too.

Not to mention that brick.... 

It's just a busy room.

If you have been following along at all previously here at Hawthorne and Main  or on instagram, I was able to pick up some old barn wood from our family farm.   I have been using it lately for a few projects. Look at that giant pile!

Tuesday, November 25

JOY Snow Covered Letters

As part of our on going Christmas series here at Hawthorne and Main, today I am showing you how to make these faux snow covered JOY letters.  Where I live, we usually don't get too much snow so I wanted to make sure that this year we had a little touch of it inside the house.  To make it feel more winter like.

Another reason why I really like these snow covered letters is because they can be left up all winter, you don't need to take them down after Christmas is over!!

Let's get started!

Sunday, November 23

Bewitchin' Projects Block Pary (19 )

Welcome back to another awesome link party.  We have joined forces with some really great bloggers to bring you an awesome link party.  From this week on you will be featured on 11 blogs! So many more people will see your awesomeness and this party is going to rock!


Before we get into the party, here is what has been going on over at Hawthorne and Main this week.
___ ___ ___

__ __ __

Now on to the "Bewitchin' Projects Block Party"

So, What have YOU been up to last week?

Thursday, November 20

Silver Pine Cone Rustic Garland- Guest Post


Christmas decorating here at Hawthorne and Main is starting and I am so excited!! My very first Christmas project for the season is this Silver Pine Cone Rustic Garland.

If you follow me on Instagram you probably saw my sneak peek a few days ago.

Monday, November 17

24 Inspiring Barn Wood Uses

Hey everyone!

Hope you had a fabulous weekend!

I am starting to feel the busyness of the approaching holiday season, how about you!!?  I am loving it thought!

Hometalk is awesome!!
It's basically like Pinterest for home and garden... it's really so fun!!

I created this board and was amazed at how many fun fun barn wood projects I found over there.  Head over to my board where you can find the tutorials for every singe one of these projects!

Be sure to look around too while you are there.  I think I could spend all day looking at the the beautiful pictures and projects!

Friday, November 14

Simple Fall Vignette with Green Table update!

I have been doing some re-arranging around here lately!

This table used to sit right by the side door and has made an appearance here on the blog a few different times.

I decided to move it across the room for a couple of reasons.  First, I really like how it looks over here, it fills the space nicely.  The second reason I wanted to move it was because I felt like it collected so much clutter.  It was the first spot to put stuff as you entered the house and it literally was always cluttered.

You may remember what this table originally looked like.  In case you missed the before pictures head over here to see the transformation with both  before and after pictures.