Simple DIY Metallic Place Card Holder

I am so excited to be apart of this super fun Thanksgiving Blog Hop!! There are some really great projects as well as recipes to help make your planning and preparation for Thanksgiving run a little smoother.

I personally think that adding a simple DIY place card, with holder, gives the table a fun touch.
People like to see their name written out and I think it can make the day a little bit more personal and special.

Today I am going to share with you how to make this these super simple DIY metallic place card holders. These literally could be used for any occasion which is another reason why I love them!!

Plus I have included a FREE printable for the place cards too!

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I came across these super cute place card holders which were my inspiration for these.  I knew that even with my awesome DIY skills :) I would probably not be able to fabricate something similar out of aluminum, like the originals.  It did get the the wheels in my head turning though.
 I decided to settle on trying to use some sort of fake fruit.  I really wanted to use pears but I looked high and low in my town and could not find ANY! I ended up using these squash and I love the end result.
Here is the before picture, a pretty common squash.  I got this at Walmart in their fall section by all of the fall wreaths and pumpkins.
 It has a Styrofoam core with some sort of plastic on the outside!



Hammered Copper spray paint or this would work too
Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint
latex gloves
utility knife
fake fruit that is made out of Styrofoam
Place cards-see below for FREE printable


I started out by putting on my gloves.  I have made the mistake of not using gloves in the past when using spray paint.  I ended up with painted hands for a few days!

This is how I sprayed on the color.

I held onto the squash stem and lightly sprayed the entire squash except the stem with the copper color.  I sprayed it just enough so that most of the yellow was gone.  Once that was dry I sprayed the stems with the oil rubbed bronze and I also added a few speckles of the bronze to the squash to sort of give it a metal look.  I also lightly dusted the entire squash with the bronze paint.

Really, I just played around with the colors until I got it right.

Some ended up more copper colored and some ended up more bronze.  I like they they all have a similar look with a few variations.


Once they were all dry I laid them out on the table.  I looked to see how they would lay naturally on their sides. Once they were in their natural place I used my utility knife to cut a slit in the side of the squash. This way I could add my place card into the slit.




That’s it!!
 Now I know that things are starting to get a little bit hectic with the holiday season fast approaching but I hope you will give these a try.

In case you can’t get around to making these fabulous holders I have also included a FREE printable for a foldable version of this exact same place card below.  You can even print them both out if you would like!  Scroll down to the bottom to grab your FREE copy!


Have you ever used place card holders before? What do you think about them?

I would love to chat on Instagram Facebook  or in the comments section below!

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      Thanks Amanda! I am loving that copper color too!! Place cards really can make a party more special! I still need to go check out your lanterns, I will soon!!

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    These are so cute! We don't normally have place cards, but I love the special touch that it adds. I actually saw a bag of these little fake gourds at Dollar Tree. They look like they cost $1 now, but painted like this they could be great!

    • says

      Oh I wish that I would have checked dollar tree first…. Darn. These turned out pretty cute and place cards definitely are a simple way to make a party more special!

    • says

      Thanks Laura!! Spray paint can be a hit or a fail… Luckily this time it worked out! I will be over to link up to your party tonight!! Thanks

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      Thanks so much!! I wasn't sure how they would turn out, but I think they look good. I will definitely come check out your new party! Thanks for the invite!!


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